Coronavirus: 15 areas at risk of Tier 4 next amid fears of new wave in North

A Mirror analysis of the latest coronavirus infection rates for every local authority in England reveals the 15 places most at risk of moving into Tier 4. It comes amid fears the North will be hit by another devastating wave of the disease as a new and more infectious variant of Covid-19 spreads in every … Leer más

Three new areas teeter on brink of Tier 4 after big rise in coronavirus cases

Towns in Yorkshire, Worcestershire and Somerset are a risk of becoming the latest to be placed into Tier 4. This morning a total of 44 million people, or 78% of the population of England, woke up to find themselves living under the country’s toughest restrictions. While only the Isles of Scilly is in Tier 1, … Leer más

Coronavirus: 16 areas at risk of Tier 4 as Boris Johnson holds crisis meeting

These are the latest coronavirus infection rates for every local authority in England as more cities and towns are set to be moved into Tier 4. There are 16 places currently in Tiers 2 and 3 that have higher rates than Tier 4 areas, meaning they could be most at risk of facing the toughest … Leer más

Coronavirus cases rise in 90 per cent of England’s towns and cities amid Tier 4 fears

More than 90 per cent of England’s towns and cities have seen coronavirus rates rise in a week – with some hotspots seeing the number of infections treble. It comes amid fears a third national lockdown could be introduced immediately after Christmas in a desperate effort to control a new mutant strain of the virus. … Leer más

Where next for Tier 4? 44 areas most at risk of being hit by toughest restrictions

Almost every area currently in tier three has seen Covid-19 infection rates surge in the last two weeks sparking fears that the current tiered system of restrictions has failed to contain the deadly virus. Analysis by the Mirror of the latest Department of Health figures shows 44 areas currently in Tier 2 or Tier 3 … Leer más

Will my town move tier? Latest Covid data shows trends ahead of crucial review tomorrow

England is awaiting a review of the lockdown tiers on Wednesday and latest coronavirus rates for every area shows if your town might move up – or down – a level. A total of 10.8million extra people will go into Tier 3 tomorrow already as cases continue to surge. London, parts of Essex and parts … Leer más

All the places where Covid cases are surging as rates spike in Tier 3 hotspot

Coronavirus case rates have shot up in 179 local areas across England, with rates spiking in a Covid hotspot. The biggest increases across England have taken place in Hastings, Brentwood and Lincoln. Surging cases in Hastings and Brentwood have already been recorded in the past few days, however infection rates are now growing in Lincoln. … Leer más

Latest coronavirus data shows London could be among areas set for Tier 3

The latest coronavirus data shows London and Essex could be set for Tier 3 restrictions after a rise in infection rates. In London, boroughs including Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Lewisham so a rise in the rate of infection in the seven days to December 4. In Tower Hamlets, the rate had risen from 205.7 to … Leer más

New lockdown rules in full: What you can and can’t do in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3

Shops, hairdressers and thousands of pubs will be able to open once more under a three-tier local lockdown from next Wednesday. But almost all of England will have indoor gatherings banned when the government reveals which areas are in which tier at 11.30am. Health Secretary Matt Hancock will unveil in the Commons which areas are … Leer más

How Government will decide who’s in Tier 1, 2 or 3 – as list shows latest Covid rates

England will return to a tiered system of coronavirus restrictions next week when the national lockdown ends. The Government will announce on Thursday which places will be in Tiers 1, 2 and 3, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson having the final say on all decisions. London and Liverpool are hoping to avoid the strictest Tier … Leer más

Latest coronavirus rates offer lockdown clues – with no areas in Tier 1 ‘possible’

All of England could be thrust into Tiers 2 and 3 from next week as lockdown is lifted – meaning no mixing of households indoors. With Boris Johnson having already laid out his Covid Winter Plan – which will see the return of the tier system, though with harsher restrictions – what areas will be … Leer más

England’s coronavirus hotspots that could go into Tier 3 when lockdown ends

Millions of people in England are bracing to find out what Tier of  coronavirus restrictions they will be put under when the national lockdown ends next week. The country’s three-tier lockdown system has been toughened up in Boris Johnson’s new winter plan, revealed in the House of Commons this afternoon. The return of hard-won freedoms … Leer más

Coronavirus rates show 13 hotspots where cases rising rapidly – and none are in Tier 3

Latest coronavirus figures for each area of England show 13 places not in Tier 3 but where cases are rising worryingly fast. Some of the emerging hotspots have seen cases nearly double and others are up by almost 50% – but none are so far in the strictest ‘very high’ category of the three-tier system. … Leer más

Franjas del Reino Unido enfrentan bloqueos más estrictos a medida que las medidas de Birmingham Tier 3 son ‘inevitables’

La mayor parte de Gran Bretaña está a punto de sumergirse en bloqueos más estrictos, ya que millones más en el norte y las Midlands podrían colocarse en el Nivel 3. West Yorkshire se colocará bajo el nivel más estricto de restricciones de Covid a partir del lunes. El área, hogar de aproximadamente 2,3 millones … Leer más

Thirteen places with soaring Covid rates not yet on Tier 3 lockdown – see full list

There are 13 places with soaring rates of new coronavirus cases but which aren’t yet in Tier 3 restrictions. In Tuesday’s update of the rolling seven-day rate of new cases for every local authority area in England, there are 13 places in Tier 2, Tier 1 and in talks to possibly go into Tier 3 … Leer más

Three areas facing Tier 3 restrictions where Covid infections are falling – full list

Three areas are facing the toughest Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions but are seeing infections go down. In Nottingham, the rate of new infections fell from 726.6 in the seven days to October 15 to 464.4 in the week to October 22, with 1,546 new cases recorded. But the city is set to enter Tier 3 … Leer más

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